Good Friday Service

Hello All!

On Good Friday, This year on April 14, Concert Violinist Calvin Dyck and his quartet will be leading a service based around Joseph Haydn’s “Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross” (1785) at Culloden Mennonite Brethren Church (6060 Culloden Street, Vancouver) at 10:30am.

Every year, many members from the South Vancouver Mennonite Churches as well as many friends and family from the same community come together in worship and reflection, as we come to discern upon Christ’s Grace and Love for all of us!

During the service, there will also be opportunity for a Freewill offering, with donations going towards Place of Refuge Society (POR).
We also look forward to a time of personal sharing, as a few of our POR residents will be sharing their testimonies.

All are welcome!
And we also thank all of you who may take the opportunity to support and learn more about POR.

Peace and Blessings to you,

How YOU Can Help….

As we head into the Christmas Season, we have great celebrations and family
times to look forward to, and at the same time, it can be all the more difficult,
for any of us, to work through our battles and pains.

We want to provide our current and future men with a caring community, so they may grow in their potential to fully provide for themselves, to enjoy their everyday.

Providing our men with hope and strength is why we invite you all to
be a Place of Refuge Partner by joining our Monthly Donor Plan.

Planned monthly donations create a predictable source of income that Place of Refuge can count on to provide a safe environment for those recovering from addiction. A place for people to become healthy, confident and drug-free members of the community.

Your gift, great or small, will be used to grow our person-centred programming.
For example, residents of Place of Refuge are responsible for preparing their own nutritious meals. A crucial life skill that will also prepare them for the day they successfully leave Place of Refuge. $10 a day provides quality groceries for one person. Your gift of $100 dollars will guarantee healthy ingredients to feed all residents for one day.

Through “CanadaHelps”, your monthly donation is secure and flexible.
You choose the amount you wish to give each month and you can change, or cancel, your recurring donation at any time.

Please join us as a Place of Refuge Partner today

Spring Music Concert!

All are invited to an afternoon of Music and Worship!
In Spanish, English, Cantonese, and German!
First United Mennonite Church (FUMC) will be hosting a
Spring Music Concert on Sunday, May 1 at 2pm
At 659 E. 52nd Avenue, Vancouver
Come and Enjoy the Congregational Singing,  Musical Performances from multiple singing groups
and Coffee and Fellowship afterwards!
There will also be an offering for Place of Refuge Society.
For more Concert info, contact FUMC
See you all there! 🙂

Good Friday Service

Hello Everyone!!

On March 25, Culloden MB Church (6060 Culloden Street, Vancouver) will be hosting a Good Friday Service at 10:30am.

It will be a great time of worship and connection with friends in our community, as we reflect on the power and love of Jesus Christ.

During the service, there will be a time of offering, with donations going towards Place of Refuge Society (POR).
There will also be a time of personal sharing, as some of our Place of Refuge residents will be speaking of their experiences at POR

All are welcome to partake and enjoy the fellowship!
And we ask that you may take the opportunity to support and learn more about POR

Many Thanks to you all!!

Christmas at Place of Refuge

We at Place of Refuge are looking forwarding to the opportunity for connection and friendship within the POR House, especially at this time of year.

We continue to ask for your prayers and thoughts and support for the POR Residents
as Christmas can be a great time of family and celebration, and also a difficult time to face our everyday struggles and pains.

We have a great group of men who are connecting to one another and forming a supportive community,
and we pray that they may continue to open up to one another, to their respective families and friends, and to God as they experience love and family and new life in His works!

Merry Christmas!

Autumn Blessings

Hello Everyone!

The Residents and Board members here at Place of Refuge Society truly thank you all for your recent support!

We received great response at the recent Thanksgiving Culloden Banquet
and we made many great connections with new and continuing POR supporters at our first ever Open House!

We will always require not only regular maintenance, but also changes and developments to our House and Program,
so your support and donations and prayer are truly welcomed

We give Thanks and Praise to God for his works!
and many blessings to you all for your continued support and prayers!

Reason for Thanks and Praise

Here at Place of Refuge, it has been a busy and fruitful summer for our residents!

We are happy to state that the majority of our men have been with us at the house for many months together, being able to enjoy a community created within the house, supporting one another in their respective journeys as they are gradually getting healthier and stronger 🙂

We want to celebrate our residents’ clean and sober times:
Doug – 19 Months
Mike – 24 Months
David- 16 Months
Warren- 33 Months
Derek – 9 Months
Rick – 9 Months
Pablo- 1 month
Cory- 3 months

We thank God for His love and guidance, and thank you all for your support!
These men and the men we want to help in the future will need your continued support!

Thank you

Our House….

We praise God for the continuing journeys of the Place of Refuge (POR) residents,
as many of them are carrying forward towards long-term sobriety!

We continue to pray, and ask for your prayers, for all the residents to receive guidance, strength, and peace, as they make way through their journeys individually, and as a community together.

Many Blessings to you all!!

Many Thanks!!

Firstly, we wanted to share our thoughts on the joint service we shared together on Good Friday. It was a great time of fellowship, worship, and connection with our fellow Church family members and our friends from the Community as well,  as we reflected on the power and love of Jesus Christ.

We here at Place of Refuge (POR), the residents and the board members, very much want to thank all of you who donated to POR. We received about $13,000 from the service!! It will all go to full use in our plans to not only maintain, but to  upgrade our House and Program.

We truly feel blessed by God’s work and for all the support and care you all have for POR!


Good Friday Service, April 3/15

Hello everyone,

There will be a Good Friday Service at Culloden MB Church (6060 Culloden Street), on April 3 at 1030am.

During the service, there will be a time of offering, with donations going towards Place of Refuge Society.

All are welcome to join and partake in this time of fellowship, and we ask that you may take the opportunity to support and learn more about POR.

Thank you all, and Many Blessings to you!